Daniel Poschinger

3D Generalist / Motion Graphics Artist

Portrait Daniel Poschinger

Hi there!

I’m a 3D-Generalist and Motion Graphics Artist from Austria. Currently I‘m finishing my master’s degree in MultiMediaArt at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg, Austria. Before that I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Technology and Design from the University of Applied Sciences in Upper Austria. My love for 3D and the creative industry was born way before that though. The different kind of designs, renderings and images that I like to create in my spare time you can check out in my blog.
Currently I’m also working on different film-projects where I’m gaining experience in writing, directing and VFX.

I have worked for and with companies such as

Framestore – London (Launchpad 2020)

Aloe Blacc – California (Freelance 3D services)

Watson & Company – New York (Freelance 3D services)

Mediaapparat GmbH – Vienna (3D generalist, motiongraphics)

FreshFX Media GmbH – Salzburg (3D generalist, motiongraphics)

Hirtenberger AG – Styria (digital media creation / 3D artist)

Sproing Interactive Media GmbH – Vienna (3D modeling artist).

I was an academic tutor in 3D modeling at the ‘University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria’ and founded my own advertising agency in Oktober 2017.

If you want to say hi, hire me for a project, invite me to dinner or just want to chat please drop me a line! I will respond as soon as I can. Promised!