Daniel Poschinger

3D Generalist

Portrait Daniel Poschinger

Hi there!

My name is Daniel Poschinger. I’m a 3D enthusiast from Austria currently doing my master’s degree in MultiMediaArt in Salzburg, Austria. Before that I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Technology- and Design in Hagenberg (Upper Austria). But my love for 3D and the creative industry was born way before that. The creative fields I’m most into are 3D-modeling, texturing, rigging, animating, rendering and different simulations. In my free time I also like to draw and create all sorts of different designs, renderings and images that you can check out in my blog.
Currently I’m also working on different film-projects where I’m gaining experience in writing, directing, VFX and general post production.

I have interned at companies such as

Sproing Interactive Media – Vienna (3D modeling artist),

Hirtenberger AG – Styria (digital media creation / 3D artist)

and FreshFX – Salzburg (3D generalist).

I also founded my own advertising agency in Oktober 2017.

If you want to say hi, hire me for a project, invite me to dinner or just ask about my work just drop me a message! I will respond as soon as I can. Promised!